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March 16, 2009


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One could argue that newspapers were driven only by its advertisement budgets not some journalistic ethic..Clearly newspapers have some value but to claim democracy will suffer a lethal blow is nonsense and what one would expect from media types like Jack..

From my vantage point the quality and value of a democracy has nothing to do with a newspaper regardless of how it is constructed or delievered...

Clearly with the presence of printed newspapers for centuries in our nation that fact nevered prevented the insanity, decay, and worthless leadership and racist and illegal activities of our goverment over the years..

I am prepared to live without the printed rag plus I am a newsmaker not a newsreader of course..

As a former ink-stained wretch, its with sadness that I survey the current state of newspapers. It’s true that ink gets in your blood, and its also true democracy will suffer without vigilant watchdogs.

Show me the blogger, tv station, radio network, etc. that has the $$ and staff to do what newspapers have done as a watchdogs over the years. Sunshine Week will be a memory of the past--as will reliable local sources of news.

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