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January 28, 2008


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Memo to Jack Lessenberry:

Your memory of Josh Lyman's "NSC nuclear attack card" is pretty good. But proof that a little memory is a dangerous thing. About that card -- at the end of that episode (it was Episode 5 of the first season, also called Episode 105, titled "Crackpots and These Women"), it was revealed that the "NSC card" that Josh anguished over was an elaborate practical joke, played on Josh by President Bartlet and Leo McGarry. There were no such cards, and the guy who played the part of Lacey, the supposed NSC agent, was a hoax, revealed at a Bartlet family chili dinner in the East Wing.

I'm guessing that maybe Mr. Lessenberry had fallen asleep by the time that episode ended.

Ah, a typical Republican reaction; fixated on small details while missing the main point.

I didn't want to get too close to the main theme of that column because I thought it might be infectious.

Seriously, on the basis of some unstated principle, Mr. Lessenberry is opposed to people purchasing additional disaster preparedness services in the form of education, training, counseling, and services not so different from private insurance? That is somehow offensive?

My guess is that Mr. Lessenberry is one of those people whom, if he were a Canadian, would be offended that some of his fellow Canucks would ever attempt to pay for knee or hip replacement surgeries out of their own pockets, or who travel to northern-tier states like Montana or Michigan or Washignton State or New York for MRI scanning, because they are sick of waiting for their government-run helath system to get around to them.

From each according to their means, to each according to their place in line, eh, comrade?

I don't know, I'll ask Pyongyang for permission to consider the issue. I would however be very happy if Comrade Anonymous trusted his life's savings to Sovereign Deed.

I find privatized disaster services just as repugnant as for-profit health care - and I'll bet it proves to be just as cost-effective - not that anyone will really know since the private financial records will not be privy to public scrutiny.

Will we ever stop the looting of our treasury for private empire building?

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