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August 02, 2006


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There is no fat in the state's budget? Are you kidding me? You don't even know what you're talking about. How about the highest correction spending in the great lakes region...I mean please. The bottom line is that you don't understand that the SBT stops job creation, even worse it taxes it. And if you paid attention there is no one in Lansing that propses not replacing the tax, well maybe Leon Drolet, but that's another story. I could outline millions and millions of dollars in spending that can be cut. Bottom line is that the Single Business Tax is a bad tax, that doesn't make sense. Should some of the revenue be replaced with a business tax that makes more sense? Absolutely it should, but don't tell me, or anyone that the SBT is good for Michigan, for jobs, or for the economy, because it's not. This is why America is sick of liberal like you. And why Democrats like me are sick of the democratic party. Opine on something you know about or have researched, not making blanket statements that make no sense and just continue a dogma that is counter-productive.

If Dan had paid greater attention, he would have noticed that I said nothing in favor of the SBT itself. However, I am not sure how he proposes to save money on corrections. Let the prisoners loose? Starve them:? I don't think so.

Well Jack, if you were to look at are incarceration rates we spend more money per prisoner than any other great lakes state. Is this because we have more criminals, is it because the crimes they commit are more heinous than those committee in Wisconsin? No the answer is that we send non-violent offenders off to jail, keep them there longer, and don’t release them earlier because…that’s right the republicans want to be tough on crime. This could save us millions of dollars. This isn’t the only area where cuts can be made. How about having newly hired teachers (not current or retired ones) from a defined benefit pension, to a 401 (k) like everyone else in Michigan. How about the changes to there health insurance like MESSA and allow individual school districts not the MEA negotiate the best prices. How about we stop all these pork projects that legislators are using to get re-elected (if you’d like examples of this I’d be glad to provide them). The problem with this state is that we would rather see us keep a terrible tax like the SBT, watch are roads crumble, see are schools fail, than invest in the things that can make this state a better place. While our overall business tax burden may be alright (which is debatable but I’ll concede for the point of argument) our compliance costs and complexity is the worst taxes in the nation, the Personal Property Tax and the Single Business Tax. And keeping them is not going to help our economy.

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