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June 06, 2006


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Bad idea, waste of a vote..money has never been a miracle worker nor does it mean good things will flow from it..our country is the richest on the planet yet we are the #1 arms merchant on the planet.. rich folks have yet to convince me they have any real insights on humanity, principles, values...spending more money on education where waste is rampant makes zero cents to me..I live in Birmingham so-called venue of great schools....I have yet to meet any threshold students or adults who attend these schools ..money what does that have to do with education...it just pays the bills

First, there is no correlation between spending and good education. Second you are just wrong about this issue. In fact if this were too have passed 10 years ago, education would have had less fuding than it actually had. Indexing is not a good idea, instead of looking at real problems we simply want to throw money at a promblem, and that will not help schools. Your facts and the premise of your story is wrong.

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