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May 02, 2006


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Dear Jack,

While Washington blathers, individual Americans can reduce gasoline usage.

Simple actions each of us can take to reduce overall gas consumption include keeping your tires at the specified pressure and the engine air intake filter clean. Insure your wheel alignment is correct to reduce rolling friction.

Take a lesson from racing, drive as smoothly as possible. Drive as far ahead as possible and leave space between you and the car ahead. Accelerate as if you did have a fresh egg between your foot and the pedal. Brake the same way. The goal is flow, as smoothly as possible. And as the fastest race drivers know, smooth wins.

Individually these are small things, but when applied to millions of cars the impact can be huge directly reducing fuel consumption and pollution.

And you control them all, right now.

Chuck Fellows
9770 N. Rushton
South Lyon, MI 48178
(248) 437-1128

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