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March 16, 2006


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just a question... why do you always refer to members of Congress as congressMEN?


I agree that we need to ban the free gifts and travel that lobbyists give to members of Congress.

I do not think that will solve the entire problem though. We need to get the money out of the system. We need some form of public campaign financing.

Also, it is very disturbing to watch my family, friends, and neighbors who are losing their healthcare benefits, losing their pensions, and losing (or are afraid they will lose) their jobs. We are in very serious economic trouble here in Michigan and we need a President and a Congress that will work to prevent more companies from filing bankruptcy and also provide the appropriate carrots or sticks to keep jobs here.

Perhaps if Congress felt the pain of their constituents something would get done. In my campaign for Congress, I've promised to introduce legislation that will cut the pensions of members of Congress to bring them into line with what hardworking Americans are getting. That should motivate some action. I think we should do the same with Congressional healthcare benefits.

I understand the importance of offering a good salary and good benefits to members of Congress because we desperately need to attract qualified individuals. Given the time, expense, and personal scrutiny and attacks candidates must face, it is already difficult to get people with the necessary credentials to want to serve.


Rhonda Ross for Congress
Michigan's 9th District
website: www.ross4congress.org

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